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negotiation: deal hard but be smart

Die inhaltlichen Argumente sind ausgetauscht - nun geht es beim Gespräch mit den Geschäftspartnern um den Vertragsabschluss. Teil sechs unserer Serie Business-English zeigt, wie Sie hart aber herzlich Ihre Interessen durchsetzen.
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Salespeople need to know their ABC. Or rather, their aim should be “ABC”: “always be closing”. Closing a deal is easier said than done, however, particularly in a foreign language. Although the ability to persuade business partners depends partly on power relationships, and partly on personality traits such as charm and self-confidence, you can improve your powers of persuasion by following certain simple steps.

Build relationships:
Most people like doing business with people they like. So build rapport with potential purchasers, for example, by making small talk and giving details about yourself. Also, show interest in your business partners' lives; keep a note of key facts and events, to refer to at future meetings. You can say, for example: “Your son must be pleased that Manchester United won again yesterday.” “How is your daughter getting on at university?” “How is your husband's new business going?”

Signal clearly:
Introduce your comments so that the other person is prepared for your message. For instance you can say: “I'd just like to explain my/our position...” or “Can I just give you a little bit of background from our side?” Note the use of “just” to soften the message.

Know your facts:
Prepare yourself well in advance. Never claim anything that you are not sure of. You may gain a temporary advantage, but you will look silly later.

  • Key vocabulary: 24 essenzielle Vokabeln und Phrasen für englischsprachige Vertragsverhandlungen.
Autor(en): Ian McMaster
Quelle: managerSeminare 105, Dezember 2006, Seite 38-39
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