Leading with Heart

How you as a versatile leader can successfully lead with dignity, values and trust in a digital working world 4.0

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Februar 2024, 132 Pages, Paperback, ISBN 978-3-949611-31-5
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25,90 EUR für Mitglieder von managerSeminare
2024, PDF- and ePUB-File, 132 Pages
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Leadership has become more demanding in terms of content, more time-consuming, increasingly challenging and more important overall than ever before. Discover how you can lead successfully as a versatile leader with dignity, values and trust in the digital world of work 4.0 – through a suitable mindset, a broader understanding of the goals and motives of leadership and the right communication skills. Firstly, learn to understand leadership in the context of social systems. This involves an understanding of leadership, neurobiological findings and core skills. This is followed by specific instructions on how to become a leader 'with heart'.

The book is part of the 'Leadership compact' series. Books in this series offer compact content to increase leadership competence. Members of managerSeminare receive the eBook at a reduced book price.

Leadership and personality
Part 1 of the book is about seeing people in their entirety and understanding leadership in the context of social systems. The analysis of the framework conditions deepens the topics

  • VUCA world,
  • leadership roles and styles,
  • and the experience of crisis.

Models such as the circle of potential, the two-point model, the "Big Five" and the "Hogan Personal Inventory" provide a basis for a better understanding of human nature. They answer questions such as:

  • How should people be viewed in the modern working environment?
  • What helps and what hinders the development of their potential?
  • How should human behaviour patterns be viewed?

The role of human values and dignity becomes clear. By combining different experiences and findings from individual psychology, neurobiology, cybernetics, systems theory and automation technology, a new perspective on leadership can be derived: The so-called Communication Flow Model (KFM). This leadership model integrates business and social tasks and requirements in equal measure. The interaction between manager and employee is depicted as the regulation of a complex social system. This makes it clear what opportunities arise for the development of the inner compass - both for the manager and for the employees. Instead of reacting defensively to crises, they can be used to increase one's own resilience skills. In the end, it is about the central importance of dignity and the path back to vitality, curiosity and hopeful confidence in being able to shape the future.

Analysing team structure and leadership personality

Part 2 is designed to help you put the courage and curiosity you hopefully awakened into practice right away. In line with the EMMA principle - 'Someone has to start' - you will learn several ways you can choose to become a 'leader with heart'. It's about discovering and developing your inner compass, based on answers to one of life's central questions: "Who am I?" With the help of a tool from depth psychology, the 'boat story', concrete ways are shown to get to know yourself better and to arrive at a personal self-assessment.

Through the proven LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, purely cognitively inaccessible resources can be used to work on the personality. Your own values are scrutinised, exchanged and supplemented. Blockages are recognised and dissolved. New goals are developed. Solutions are discovered and people are encouraged to embark on the lifelong journey of growing into one's vocation. The 'Leadership Development 4.0' personality profile developed by the Steinbach & Partner Group with three central key competences will be presented. It focuses on the level of maturity of the personality in relation to the requirements arising from the digitalisation of the business world. With the new view of the individual in their individuality, teams can also optimise their appreciative collaboration. Every team member is a boat and here you can find out how the boats can become a fleet.


  • What it is about
  • Contents and Chapters of this Book

1 The Paradigm Shift: The Role of Leaders

  • 1.1 Why We Need to Rethink Leadership
  • 1.2 The VUCA World
  • 1.3 An Expanded Understanding of Role and Leadership Style
  • 1.4 Internal Crises – Avoid or Shape Them?
  • 1.5 What Matters in These Conditions

2 Understanding Human Nature

  • 2.1 The Holistic Human Image as a Basis for Development
  • 2.2 Models for Understanding Human Nature

3 What VUCA and the Holistic Human Image Mean for Leadership

  • 3.1 The Influence of Neurobiological Process on Leadership Behaviour
  • 3.2 What Makes Us Strong from Within
  • 3.3 Leadership in the Context of Systemic Interaction
  • 3.4 Communication
  • 3.5 The Role of Emotions
  • 3.6 Trust – The most Important Resource

4 Who Am I?

  • 4.1 Practical Methods for Self-Discovery
  • 4.2 „I am a Boat“
  • 4.3 Building My Boat: Access to Myself through Creative Techniques
  • 4.4 Access to Myself Through the „Leadership 4.0 Assessment“

5 Who Are We?

  • 5.1 On the Way to a Common Goal as a Team
  • 5.2 Team Building with the Boat Story
  • 5.3 Team Building with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method
  • 5.4 Transfer to Everyday Life – The Personal Development Plan
  • 5.5 Conclusion – Become Who You Are, and Then Set Out on Your Journey!

What I love though ist that this book is a testament to the power of human-centered leadership. It is a resource for all leaders urging a reevaluation of our leadership paradigms to meet the challenges of the 21st century. So essential!
Alexandra Götzfried (www.eq-lead.com) auf Linkedin

Ein anregender neuer Blick auf Führung

Nach der Lektüre habe ich viele Einsichten in die Anforderungen der heutigen Welt erhalten, Ideen für die eigene Weiterentwicklung und Tools für die tägliche Praxis. Das Buch ist klar strukturiert und lässt sich gut lesen. Die zahlreichen Abbildungen verdeutlichen die beschriebenen Zusammenhänge. Besonders hilfreich für die Orientierung im Buch ist ein Mind Map, dass die Themen und deren Zusammenhänge darstellt.
Tomas Bohinc auf Amazon

... ein inspirierender Leitfaden für Führungskräfte, die in der komplexen digitalen Arbeitswelt mit Herz und Verstand führen wollen.
Trotz des kompakten Formats, ist es ein Schatz an Modellen und Anregungen für die Entwicklung eines persönlichen Führungsstils. (...) Er regt an, Identitätsfragen auf individueller und Team-Ebene mit kreativen Methoden wie Lego Serious Play zu erkunden.
Stephan Teuber (www.loquenz.de) auf Linkedin

Digitale Ressourcen zum Buch

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valuable online resources complement your textbook 'Leading with Heart'.

  • Mind Map – Contents of the book - PDF
  • Finality in a flow chart - PDF
  • Boat stories (german) - PDF
  • ist of feelings - PDF
  • Pictures of the models - PDF
  • Work template for transfer - PDF

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Peter Becker


Peter Becker
Dr.-Ing. Peter Becker ist geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der HEAD AND HEART Consultants GmbH. In den beiden Geschäftssegmenten EXECUTIVE SEARCH und LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT sucht, findet und entwickelt das Unternehmen Führungskräfte, damit Personen und Organisationen ihr volles Potenzial erschließen. Nach seinem Elektrotechnik-Studium begann er eine Industrielaufbahn als Entwicklungsingenieur für Sensorik, Mikroelektronik und Signalverarbeitung. Später Projektleiter (Bordrechnerentwicklung) in einem NATO-Flugkörperprojekt in der USA. Promotion im Fachgebiet Regelungstechnik/Flugtechnik. Als Leiter Forschung & Entwicklung wechselte er 1993 zu einem Weltmarktführer der Durchflussmesstechnik in die Schweiz. Dort wurde er vier Jahre später Geschäftsführer für Marketing, Vertrieb, Service und Entwicklung. Hier widmete sich Dr. Becker auch intensiv Fragen der Organisations- und Prozessoptimierung sowie der Personalentwicklung. Dr. Becker absolvierte schließlich ein individualpsychologisches Aufbaustudium und konzentrierte sich besonders auf die Persönlichkeitspsychologie und Eignungsdiagnostik. Im Jahr 2000 wurde er Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung einer international tätigen Firmengruppe (Messtechnik, Stromversorgung, Energiemanagement). Während dieser Zeit baute er neue Geschäftsfelder auf, nahm am Nordbayerischen Businessplanwettbewerb teil und beriet junge Unternehmen in Personalfragen. Für viele Jahre unterstützte er das Netzwerk Nordbayern als Sponsor und Juror. Kontakt: zur Homepage
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