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presentation: how to address an audience

Serie Business-English

Sie sollen Ihr neues Konzept präsentieren? Und das auch noch in Englisch? Keine Panik! Denn wenn Sie die wichtigsten Regeln befolgen, halten Sie Ihr Publikum bei Laune und Ihre Argumentation im Fluss. Der vierte Teil unserer Serie Business-English zeigt, was Sie beachten müssen.

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Hello, everyone. Let me start with an apology. To be honest, I haven't really had time to prepare properly for this article about giving presentations. Also, I don't really have enough space here to give you all the advice that I probably should. And I'm a bit nervous about so many people reading this. But, anyway, I'll start and see how far I get. Oh, and yes, if you have any questions, then do e-mail me some time...

If you are still reading and not asleep by now, I'm sure you'll agree that wasn't a very inspiring beginning. Unfortunately, such openings are typical of many presentations. Instead, you should start clearly and confidently by introducing yourself and telling people what you are going to do, not what you can't do.

Around a third of German-speakers who need English at work have to give some sort of presentation. Yet, few of us are naturally good speakers in public, even in our own language. However, by observing some simple rules, we can improve our performance dramatically...


  • Key vocabulary: Hilfreiche Wörter und Ausdrücke für die Präsentation in Englisch.

Autor(en): Ian McMaster
Quelle: managerSeminare 103, Oktober 2006, Seite 42 - 43 , 7407 Zeichen


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